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At the beginning of every riding lesson we insist on introducing you to the horse who you will ride. Our instructors will explain to you how horses communicate between each other and how to distinguish the main signs which they give you not only from the ground but also during riding. In order to accomplish partnership with your horse it is very important to work with it from the ground, namely to groom, clean, soothe, train, saddle, etc. Everything you do with your horse from the ground and you are not on the saddle is called “ground work”. It is the leading force in your relationship with your horse. Achieving partnership with your horse and good communication are the base for accomplishing  a complete ride in which you and your horse will become one.

For gaining such wholeness or experiencing great emotions from the contact with the horses, we offer you:

  • Walk with horse – casual stroll in the nature
  • Horse riding for beginners
  • Horse riding for advanced riders;
  • Pony ride for children;
  • Children camps;
  • Long ridings in the mountain
  • Organizing of festive events
  • Horse riding card;
  • Voucher for horse riding – if you want to surprise precious/ dear person;
  • Ground work

Cooperative trainings based on HorseDream® Program


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