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If you are advanced rider, i.e. you have good balance and control of the horse, and you ride easily in the main gaits of the horse- walk, trot and gallop you have reached the moment when the hourly ride is never enough. The pleasure of calm and balanced ride in the nature never ends, you want to ride hours and days, through different areas and fields. The location of the base gives the opportunity for long ridings in mountain and flat areas with wonderful nature and landscapes.

Sparata Equestrian Center organizes long trail ridings to different sights in the region of Vakarel and not only. For plants and nature lovers we have trail to village Borika where we can visit Borika Botanical Garden (Ботаническа градина “Борика”). Traditionally we eat warm homemade loaf with white cheese in Sparata Center at the beginning of every trail ride. On the way to village Borika we ride to the summit Brunkova Kitka with m.a.s.l. 1029, where is situated the chapel „ St.St. Petur and Pavel“. From the peak there is a breathtaking view to Vitosha, Rila, Plana, Lozenska and Stara (Old) Mountain, as well as to Borika and Bakurdere artificial lakes. To the summit we pass through various small rivers, fields, cosy villages, through oak, pine and beech forests. On the way back we gallop on the shore of Bakurdere Dam Lake. We ride through village Paunovo and depending on the duration of the trail ride we either continue directly to the base or we ride along to river Mutivir. Close to village Selyanin and Sparata Center is situated the rocky sight called „Chalmite“

Not far from Sparata Equestrian Center are situated three artificial lakes Ognyanovo, Bakurdere and Borika. For the advanced riders we organize 2-3 days trail ridings to dam Topolnica.

For the historical sites lovers Sparata Equestrian Center organizes long ride trips to the ancient Roman road- Via Diagonalis, from which for variety we ride to summit Mala Pleshiva m.a.s.l. 778, from where there is a breathtaking view to Sofia field, Vitosha, Plana, Lozenska and Stara (Old) Mountain. On the way back we visit the site called „The Rocks“.

This is not the end of the historical sites in the region, on the way to village Rujana is the 600 years old crust, which is situated in the yard of the long ago burned down „Colored church“ (Sharena curkva) which was one of the most beautiful Bulgarian Orthodox churches. The church is Orthodox temple from XV-XVII century (ref. „The History of Vakarel. Economics, politics, culture, author Prof. d. Trendafil Mitev).

In Vakarel region there are two fortresses – Banchovo and Doshevoto fortresses, as well as a lot of monasteries and chapels, most of which have significant history, some of which are St.Spirit (Sv.Duh), St. Petka, St.St. Petur and Pavel, monastery St.Spas situated close to Doshevoto fortress, St. Troica and many others.



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