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Sparata Equestrian Center is situated in Ihtimanska Sredna Gora, next to village Selyanin, 26 km from Sofia. Sparata Equestrian Center is located in very clean area with a great view to Stara planina, Vitosha and Rila. Sparata Equestrian Center offers you, your friends and family riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders. The area and nature perfectly supplement the freedom and energy which give you the horses. We like to keep individual relationship with each of you. No matter whether it concerns free riding or in area, or children camps, birthday parties or private celebrations, we do our best to provide you with one unforgettable experience in the company of the horses.

What is the meaning of “Sparata”?

Close to Horse riding school „Sparata“ is located the ancient Romans road Via Militaris, which connects Belgrade (Sigindunum), Nish (Naissus), Sofia (Serdica), Plovdiv (Philipopolis), Odrin (Hadrianopolis) and reaches Constantinople. One of the stations is the Roman roadside station Sparata (mutatio Sparata), which is situated next to small village Rujana.

How to find us?

Horse riding school “Sparata” is situated in Sredna gora, next to village Selyanin, only 26 km from Sofia. The best way to travel by car is on highway Trakya, when you exit the exit for Vakarel/Panagyrishte, from the exit there is 3 kilometers asphalt road, please follow the brown signs. 


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